Suggestions of Love

Opera meets physical theatre and storytelling fuses with contemporary music in this new Song Opera about passions, destinies, time, times and other bibble-babbles.
Music by Luca Tieppo, Texts by Riccardo Bentsik


Two persons, a woman and a man – a She and a He – and a character  – Mr Wyrd, who is introduced while assembling and trying to repair some impossible mechanisms, which are so strange and unusual that even he perhaps does not know whether they will work or not. In short, a kind of fate that seems to hesitate between freedom and accident, freedom and fate. Wyrd creates and interlaces plots, combines elements, plays with the laws of nature and chance. On this background made of alchemic magic, the other two characters act trying to meet each other, in search of a possible life, maybe in common.

Wyrd is content with creating a suggestion, with seeing a new story start among all the possible stories. A story that starts by winding up a musical box and will be able to know by itself whether continuing its music endlessly, or extinguishing itself when its energy will be burned-out.

Suggestions of Love, for female voice, male voice, actor and piano, develops the tradition of the ‘lied’ as means of story-telling within the context of accessible contemporary music. At the same time, the spectators are no longer passive listeners but are asked to get involved, to take Mr Wyrd’s suggestions and make them their own.