Cosi Fan Tutte – The Remake

With a brand-new re-composition of the original score by Luca Tieppo and a compelling new drama and libretto by Becca Marriott and Iskandar Sharazuddin, Così Fan Tutte – The Remake (or Così Fan Tutti) will make audiences see the archetypes of Mozart’s opera in a new light. In a faithful attempt to combine the original material with modernity, this production will position itself at the heart of the current debate on gender politics.

Luca Tieppo, composer, says:

Modern adaptations of well-known operas usually intervene on the staging only (and sometimes on the libretto) but leave the original music score untouched. I’ve always thought this creates a sense of alienation between the dramatic performance and the musical landscape, which remains frozen in a specific time regardless of how the libretto is adapted. I would like to try a different way, that of the Remake – to create a fresh, coherent production where not only staging and libretto are intimately connected, but also the music is moulded by using different stylistic and vocal approaches that combine the source material with contemporaneity.

We are now at the first stage of development of this fantastic new project. Audition-workshops with the creative team will be held in Birmingham on 19, 20, 21 November. We would like to hear from singers from all musical backgrounds to workshop the work-in-progress score with the composer, as well as from BAME performers.

Read more about the production and audition process here and find out how you can be involved.