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Hinckley OFF – Opera Fringe Festival

T· Ar 2016 grand re-opening will be in style!

We’ve recently relocated lives and jobs to the Midlands, and just couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring opera and new music (read ‘opera fringe’) with us. After a few months of networking, friendship making and – above all – thinking, we are now very proud to announce the launch of Hinckley OFF – Opera Fringe Festival. On Friday 1 and Saturday 2 July, in partnership with Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, we stage the first edition of what we hope will soon become a regular seasonal happening.

OFF will be the first festival of its kind, a fringe event exclusively dedicated to opera, a platform where composers, librettists, directors and creative artists will be able to showcase the best that the genre has to offer.

We’ll show you works with a strong sense of theatricality, that speak to their contemporaries and sit outside our preconceived definitions: to be accessible, a work needs to break boundaries.

More info will be available soon, but the programme of this year edition of Hinckley OFF will be as follows:

Friday 1 July | 6.30pm | Hinckley College Theatre | Lower Bond Street | LE10 1QU

Secret Opera presents Bizet’s CARMEN (adult themed – all male cast)

Saturday 2 July | 11am to 1pm | Café Español | Atkins Building | Lower Bond Street | LE10 1QU

Film, Talk & New Opera

Everyday Arias presents Film Shorts & Opera

Introduction to Hinckley OFF & Breakfast

T· ArProductions presents Lady Shakespeare – extracts from a new opera by Luca Tieppo with libretto by Becca Marriott


Hinckley OFF

Agency launching soon

Happy New Year! We’ve been absent for some time thinking about and working on new projects, one of which is T· ArAgency.

Building on our network of personal contacts in the classical music industry in Europe and beyond, we want to be the link between performers and composers, between artists and companies.

The Agency service will be launched soon, and will be dedicated to singers, conductors and directors specialising in contemporary music and seeking representation. If you’re one of them, please do get in touch with your biography and links to your work.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Suggestions of Love on Indiegogo

Become a co-producer of Suggestions of Love for as little as £5!

Suggestions of Love on Indiegogo

We have LOVELY perks to thank you for your support, from a singing lesson to a private chef for two.

Or why not try Sausfest’s handmade Wild Venison sausages, made exclusively for us and for you?

Help us produce four more shows of this magical piece of theatre at Barons Court, London, from 18th to 21st December. You won’t regret it!



4 STARS for Suggestions of Love

Mistral«A powerful production filled with emotions, music and magic. […]

The character Mr Wyrd – the main protagonist played by director Iskandar R. Sharazuddin – introduces the first of the two realities the play is built around. The first is the magical setting where Mr Wyrd controls and plays with human destinies and encounters. The second is the human world, in which He (played by Nir Kitaro) and She (Claudia Jones) exist. These two realities look into each other and are intimately intertwined. By means of witching boxes and occult mechanisms, Mr Wyrd bends chance to produce the beginning of a love story between He and She.

There’s something very magical about the way the two scenarios are presented. The human world, which is the one we should be able to better relate to, is in fact the more abstract reality. It is only through musical numbers that he and she express their emotions, their fears of being alone and the necessity to connect with another human being. There are no names and no dialogue, only music and feeling. This is a stark contrast with Mr Wyrd’s world, in which ‘scientific’ conversations happen. The audience connects more easily to this magical world, and it is in the human world where our instincts take over. In music lies the most basic of human emotions and it is (very intelligently) the chosen way for He and She to transmit their feelings. In essence, the human world is now ethereal, backed up with blue lighting, white costumes and slow elegant dancing. […]

Overall a wonderful experience.»

Read the full review from Everything Theatre directly from their website.

Brave new world for Opera

As a hardened opera fan I cannot deny enjoying  the standard top ten repertoire. Despite being immersed in the art form since birth, I still love a good cry at an ill fated hero or heroine even if I know they had it coming. Additionally I  like hearing those good old arias being blasted out at full pelt.

However I would like to make a point that although these masterpieces deserve admiration, we need to start embracing new works. Although there are great efforts made to update old shows, there is no harm in experimenting with new musical and theoretical ideas  that  resonate with  the now. Arguably if we never commission new music that reach to bigger audiences, opera will become a mausoleum.

Brave new world or poorer new world the fringe production is a great place to see exciting and unique creations. Fringe theatre since the 16th century was a popular amongst people from all classes.  During this time fringe usually meant free meaning that the playwrights  were not under  royal commission. This certainly  gave  them wider scope to explore subjects that may have otherwise been censored. While  now we are not operating under such strict guidelines, the fringe production does remain dedicated to bring original works to a more diverse audience.

Whilst this has been a tradition in theatre, opera until recently has remained a somewhat fringeless within the UK. Despite the popularity of the “beggars opera”  in 18th century London, only within the past decade we have seen a real demand for fresh new takes on opera culture.

T· ArT Productions are passionate about devising and developing new works that will regenerate opera and stop it from becoming antiquated. Don’t stop loving the classics but broaden your horizons and see something different.

by Francesca Levi

piano score

Suggestions of Love Without Décor

We are very proud to finally land at the King’s Head Theatre with Suggestions of Love as part of their Without Décor programme.

Three shows on Saturdays at 3pm on August 31st, September 7th and 14th. A cast and production team coming from all over the world, including New Zealand, Bahrain, Italy, Persia, Britain and Israel. Iskandar Sharazuddin‘s direction is inspired and magic, Claudia Jones‘s and Nir Kitaro‘s voices blend perfectly to represent the universal characters of two persons in love, and Jeremy (Jez) Hancock‘s Mr Wyrd is extravagant and engaging as it should be.

Your feedback and support is important to us, so come and see us! Tickets are just £8 and on sale from the King’s Head website:


Iskandar R. Sharazuddin, director of ‘Suggestions of Love’

Our hunt for a director for the forthcoming production of Suggestions of Love at the King’s Head (and for the autumn performances in a venue we can’t disclose yet, and hopefully for many more to come after those!) has received an incredible response and produced interesting links and collaborations with an amazing bunch of creatives.

But first and foremost it brought to us the young and talented Iskandar Sharazuddin, a writer, director and actor who trained at the Film & Television Institute of Western Australia, and is the current Artistic Director of Ellandar Productions, an independent cross-platform production house based in Perth, Western Australia and London.

Iskandar Sharazuddin bwSince 2010 Iskandar has curated the artistic programme of Ellandar Productions and delivered three critically acclaimed seasons. Most recently he was present at the Fringe World Festival 2013 where the original show “Pity” from Ellandar Productions was awarded second runner-up for Best New Work. In 2012 Iskandar was a member of the original cast of the DreamWorks Theatricals production “How To Train Your Dragon: Live Spectacular” for which he was appointed Dance Captain and Show Swing for the North American leg of the tour. Previous credits with Ellandar Productions include writing and directing the original cabaret musical “A Night of Deceit” in 2010 and being invited to revive the work at the 2012 Fringe World Festival as part of the hub programming and writing and directing “A Gigantic Fuck You To You All” at the award winning comedy venue Lazy Susan’s Den. This year Iskandar is under commission to PhillipsMcIntosh Inc. to write the book for a new musical in 2014, is currently working as the international producer on “Dark Stars” being presented at the United Solo Festival in New York and is writing new material for international choreographer Para Isidro in their second collaboration since 2010’s “Valentine In November” Off-Broadway.

Male singer needed for ‘Suggestions of Love’

Suggestions of Love is going to the King’s Head Theatre in September within Without Décor.

We need a tenor to join us in the leading role of He for the first two performances, on August 31st and September 7th. The ideal candidate will be an excellent musician, happy to use and combine different vocal techniques to fully express the score, with a playing age 27-35.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our show, please email tamara@t.artproductions.co.uk your CV, photo and a web link to an audio recording of yours. Rehearsals and performances will be in London. This is a paid position (flat fee per performance + profit share).



Director needed for ‘Suggestions of Love’

DIRECTOR required for London performances in September 2013

T· ArT is looking for a director to join our production of Luca Tieppo’s Suggestions of  Love.

Two weeks rehearsals (one in late July / early August, one from August 26th) and in between performances as necessary. Performances at the King’s Head Theatre on August 31st, September 7th and 14th at 3pm.


Storytelling fuses with contemporary music in this new work by Luca Tieppo (music) and Riccardo Bentsik (texts) for female singer (She), male singer (He), spoken word (Mr Wyrd) and piano (ca 75′).

ClockworkA She and a He, and Mr Wyrd, a sort of fate that seems to hesitate between freedom and accident. Wyrd is introduced while tending to complex mechanisms and music boxes, which represent life’s continuous routine that can only be broken by an unexpected element: he combines such elements.

At the beginning, She and He are alone but Mr Wyrd’s fanciful and bizarre mechanisms allow them to meet. The first brief encounter leaves behind itself a phase of reflection: She and He sing their dreams but also their fears for the price that Love would ask them to pay. In the second half, Wyrd decides to give a little boost for a new and more promising meeting opportunity. All the rest is a matter of course: from the sweetness of courtship and consolation to the explicit abandon of the lovers’ bodies.

Job description

The ideal candidate will be a story-teller, will enjoy working as part of a team, and will have the vision to bring a new work on stage. Experience in musical theatre and/or working with singers is essential. Training / Experience in physical theatre desirable. This is a paid position: £100 + profit share.

To register your interest, please email CV and covering letter to Tamara Tempera: tamara@t.artproductions.co.uk by 5pm July 1st.

Interviews will be held in Dulwich (SE London) shortly after the deadline.

Uphill – watch the trailer!

Watch the trailer of our current dance project, Uphill, choreographed by Jessica Edgley on music by Luca Tieppo. The video was filmed on May 19th at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London during a workshop of three of the five pieces forming the whole show: Not to see or to see, Struggle to be, Cog no more.

Extracts of Uphill will be performed in the Linden Studio, Royal Ballet Covent Garden, as part of the International Dance Teacher Conference this coming August. 

Video realised by Webra Multimedia.