Audition workshops in Birmingham for Cosi The Remake

We are very excited to announce audition-workshops for our new project, Così Fan Tutte – The Remake. The workshops will be held in central Birmingham on 19th, 20th, 21st November (morning and afternoon slots; some travel expenses paid). From these sessions, selected performers will be asked to attend a second stage of development in early February 2019 (paid) with a final workshop open to the public and potential promoters. A run of the show is currently being planned for autumn 2019 in the Midlands. At the forefront of this new production is BAME casting and inclusion of performers from diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds.

See below a brief abstract of the story and characters breakdown. Please note that those are ideal casting suggestions but at this stage of development we would like to hear from as many performers as possible, from all musical backgrounds (jazz, musical theatre, opera, etc.) as long as confident music readers, to workshop extracts from the work-in-progress score with the creative team. We would consider adapting the score and/or the libretto for the right candidates.

So if you would like to be involved, please drop Tamara a line with your CV, a link to some of your singing and specify what role you would like to audition for.

Any questions get in touch! Deadline for applications is 10th November.


Young barristers, Will and Fida are the luckiest men in the world. They have great career prospects and more than anything devoted girlfriends, Bella and Lily, both in the final year of English Literature degrees. They have it all. But jaded and bitter divorce lawyer, Alfonso, and anti-establishment university lecturer, Regina (Despina) – who share an open sexual relationship – hatch a plan to disrupt and upend the youngsters’ notions of love and fidelity.


Alfonso – A jaded and bitter divorce lawyer in his mid-fifties. Alfonso is Italian-British and is one of the most sought after divorce lawyers in Temple. He is successful, ruthless, and approaches his personal and  professional life with rigour.

William – A young arrogant man in his mid-twenties that comes from wealth and a long line of successful men. William graduated in the top of his class with an MA from Cambridge University. William “Will” comes from a conservative West London family that has traditional values, though on more than one occasion Will pushes the boundaries as sometimes he feels hemmed in by his class, upbringing, and social status.

Fida – A young and deeply proud Pakistani man in his mid-twenties. Fida is the crown jewel of his deeply religious and conservative Islamic family. His success in attending Cambridge, becoming a barrister, and now the fact that he has met and plans to wed Lily is held in the highest of regards. Fida is very resistant to change and is seriously troubled by the statements of Alfonso.

Bella – A North London Afro-British woman in her early twenties. Bella is from Crouch End, her parents vote Labour and David Lammy is a household hero. Her parents is a self-made and part of the Windrush generation. Bella assumes traditional ideas of fidelity but would
eschew them publicly.

Lily – A Malay-Chinese Muslim girl with all the tropes of an Asian upbringing. Lily has been encouraged into learning violin, pursuing
academia, and finding a husband. Lily’s escape has been English Literature. She is sexually meek, prudish, and mild-mannered. Lily’s understanding of love comes from her books and as such she is sexually repressed.

Regina/Despina – An energetic, impassioned, and compellingly beautiful woman in her early seventies who has held tenure at the university for a long time. Regina is anti-establishment despite working for King’s College and displays this by staging guerrilla feminist activist events, chairing meetings and talks on sexual liberation and rights for women. She has cast off her own name which is linked to ideas of monarchy, patriarchy, and wealth, instead assuming Despina, the feminine of despotism.