4 STARS for Suggestions of Love

Mistral«A powerful production filled with emotions, music and magic. […]

The character Mr Wyrd – the main protagonist played by director Iskandar R. Sharazuddin – introduces the first of the two realities the play is built around. The first is the magical setting where Mr Wyrd controls and plays with human destinies and encounters. The second is the human world, in which He (played by Nir Kitaro) and She (Claudia Jones) exist. These two realities look into each other and are intimately intertwined. By means of witching boxes and occult mechanisms, Mr Wyrd bends chance to produce the beginning of a love story between He and She.

There’s something very magical about the way the two scenarios are presented. The human world, which is the one we should be able to better relate to, is in fact the more abstract reality. It is only through musical numbers that he and she express their emotions, their fears of being alone and the necessity to connect with another human being. There are no names and no dialogue, only music and feeling. This is a stark contrast with Mr Wyrd’s world, in which ‘scientific’ conversations happen. The audience connects more easily to this magical world, and it is in the human world where our instincts take over. In music lies the most basic of human emotions and it is (very intelligently) the chosen way for He and She to transmit their feelings. In essence, the human world is now ethereal, backed up with blue lighting, white costumes and slow elegant dancing. […]

Overall a wonderful experience.»

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