Brave new world for Opera

As a hardened opera fan I cannot deny enjoying  the standard top ten repertoire. Despite being immersed in the art form since birth, I still love a good cry at an ill fated hero or heroine even if I know they had it coming. Additionally I  like hearing those good old arias being blasted out at full pelt.

However I would like to make a point that although these masterpieces deserve admiration, we need to start embracing new works. Although there are great efforts made to update old shows, there is no harm in experimenting with new musical and theoretical ideas  that  resonate with  the now. Arguably if we never commission new music that reach to bigger audiences, opera will become a mausoleum.

Brave new world or poorer new world the fringe production is a great place to see exciting and unique creations. Fringe theatre since the 16th century was a popular amongst people from all classes.  During this time fringe usually meant free meaning that the playwrights  were not under  royal commission. This certainly  gave  them wider scope to explore subjects that may have otherwise been censored. While  now we are not operating under such strict guidelines, the fringe production does remain dedicated to bring original works to a more diverse audience.

Whilst this has been a tradition in theatre, opera until recently has remained a somewhat fringeless within the UK. Despite the popularity of the “beggars opera”  in 18th century London, only within the past decade we have seen a real demand for fresh new takes on opera culture.

T· ArT Productions are passionate about devising and developing new works that will regenerate opera and stop it from becoming antiquated. Don’t stop loving the classics but broaden your horizons and see something different.

by Francesca Levi

piano score